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Welcome to our video blog, Tim’s City Channel. Thanks for visiting.

Tim’s City Channel is a video blog highlighting the good and the bad in urban design, transportation, architecture, infrastructure, and governance. The focus is on learning from what works and what does not.

This is a place to talk about building great cities, great places, and great neighborhoods. The Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington area is our laboratory, but we want to know how other regions are addressing their development issues.

You can directly participate in this project in several ways. First, share your comments in the notebook provided for each topic that we cover. Second, send us your thoughts on stories that deserve attention. Third, tell us about great projects you have been involved in — we welcome your project photographs, descriptions, and who to contact for more information. Finally, consider doing a video comment or story yourself. If it advances the conversation, we’ll contact you about featuring it on our blog.

We would like to hear from you.